So without too much waffle and cliché here is a little more about what we are about.

This all started with a small obsession with bags, trying to find the right bag for the right situation. This led to making bags from different materials, some successful and some not. Then after attending a leatherwork course all hell broke loose and now we’re full on living and breathing the leatherworking dream!

We try first and foremost to make things that fit their purpose, we don’t make it all unduly fancy or use the most expensive leather and we don’t add shiny bits and pieces to make it all look expensive.

Everything we make is hand-made. Everything is hand-cut, hand sewn and hand finished. No laser cutting and no machine sewing, just to make that clear. Our only concession is that sometimes we might use a Dremel tool for sanding and polishing.

We make a lot of our items from old leather, end of line pieces and remnants. We sometimes use new leather but this can push some items out of a reasonable price range. Leather from old horse tack makes great straps and handles where we think this works with the design.

Pricing is always a difficult one. We price depending upon what an item has cost to make plus a little extra to buy more fancy leatherworking tools! Please bear in mind that hand-sewing takes time, that will always reflect in the price. We do try to keep our prices reasonable.

We do not always carry a large stock of items, we make samples and develop prototypes as a starting point for you to help us make the item that you want. You might want a different strap, more pockets, less pockets, a larger closing buckle, a weird colour or any number of other things.

We’re much happier making something that our customer wants. So if it’s a handbag, shopping bag, an urban backpack, a pirate hat or a stylish briefcase we are here, needles poised!