Hand-made Leather Goods

This is what we do the most of and what occupies most of our time and effort. We make a variety of Leather Goods including: Bags of all kinds, hats, belts, masks, wallets and purses. Our Gallery has lots of images of the things we make. We don’t have a production line or hold large numbers of items in stock. We prefer to make the things you want us to make and that you want to buy. Have a look in the Gallery if there is something there you like and contact us.


Courses are aimed at beginners and the more experienced alike. These can be tailored to your needs, run throughout the year and can be at your location or ours. Look HERE for this year’s calendar of Courses.


Workshops like our beginner’s courses require no previous knowledge and aim to make a specific item normally a bag. These workshops focus on the end result and teach only the skills required to complete the aim. Look HERE for this year’s calendar of Workshops

One-to-One Tuition Sessions

Again beginner or more experienced if you want a more personal approach to help with specific areas of leatherwork this might be for you.

Get Togethers

It’s fun to get together with other like minded souls and share ideas, problems and solutions. These are informal and for those of all skill an experience levels.